COVID-19 Updated Policies 12.11.20

COVID-19 Updated Policies 12.11.20


IWSP Youth League: Updated schedules 

The same COVID-19 regulations in place prior to the recent restrictions are still in place. Only players and coaches may enter the building and masks are required for all while inside the building. Spectators are not allowed at this time other than one adult per player for those U10 and younger if necessary.  If you have any questions or concerns about the youth league, please reach out to the CBSC Executive Director Arian Haddix at


Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes prior to game times and 5 minutes prior to training sessions.  Enter through the doors on the right (east).  When exiting the fields, please use the exit near the wall with the televisions. 

We have assessed our indoor facility based on COVID-19 plans, and the Iowa West Sports Plex falls in the very low / low range of the risk assessment guide.

Thank you, we're excited to get back to "normal" field time! 

FROM ISA 12.10.20
With Governor Reynolds announcing that she will not extend the suspension of youth sports in Iowa beyond December 10, 2020 we are excited to return to our indoor Phase 4, allowing a return to training and competition.  If you intend to take training indoors and haven’t yet assessed the space(s) you’ll use, make sure to start here, Indoor Facility Risk Assessment Guide.
We know that indoor play creates an environment more conducive to the spread of the virus.  Therefore, we have modified our protocols to take this into account as we did prior to the Governor’s proclamation.  Our protocols now include the following:
  • Prior to using any facility, we strongly recommend you assess the space you intend to use with the tool developed by Dr. Klutts and his partners and adapted by US Soccer as part of their PlayOn indoor considerations guide.  This will help you understand how many people can more safely occupy a space.
  • We strongly encourage eliminating spectators from all training and competitions to further minimize risk.  However, we will follow the Governor’s protocol and limit the number of spectators to two per participant IF they wear a mask at all times AND remain physically distant from others at all times AND your assessment of the space indicates that individuals beyond players and coaches can more safely be in the space.  Note that regardless of space, the absolute maximum per participant is two per the Governor’s proclamation.
  • All participants, including players, must wear a mask at ALL times including during physical activity.  We know from other states where a mask has been required since the return to play, that players have tolerated them well.  Additionally, the American Academy of Pediatrics has made the recommendation that masks should be worn at all times by all participants in their return to play guidelines, which can be found here.  In part it says,
    • Cloth face coverings have been shown to decrease transmission rates of SARS-CoV-2; therefore, the AAP encourages that athletes wear them at all times for group training, competition, and on the sidelines.”  Further, they state, “Indoor sports bear a greater risk of transmission of SARS-CoV-2, and certain sports (eg. ice hockey) carry higher relative risk. The risks and benefits of indoor sports, in addition to the current community prevalence of COVID-19, should be carefully considered when making decisions about continuing or resuming indoor sports. If indoor sports take place, proper use of a cloth face covering for all indoor sports training and competition (except in the examples noted above) is strongly recommended.”  


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